Alison is inspired by the magic of photography to explore the world: its places, cultures and details.

She says “Photography allows me to seek and find beauty, design and order everywhere, then visualise scenarios to compose in the frame offered by my chosen camera and lens. Each press of the shutter offers an opportunity to capture a ‘slice of life’ at a specific moment in time.” Her desire is to achieve a great representation or interpretation of that moment by utilising the best angle, perspective, detail, texture, variety and play of light, and any other photographic aspects she chooses to incorporate, thereby creating a unique record for future viewing.

A successful image evokes emotion in a person as they interpret what they see. Alison has come to regard photography as the most unique and universal language as through her photographs she can potentially inspire, give joy or make someone think something profound or new. – A powerful and wonderful thing.

Alison believes that photography has taught her to pay attention and engage with the world’s contents. She is inspired by the unlimited variety of possible images and loves making those that are beautiful, atmospheric, surprising or thought-provoking.